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12 January 2007 @ 10:24 pm

I think there is an echo, it's been so empty in here lately.

Started up WW again, but with # of modifications for other health issues
My goal is 15lb by St. Patty's Day (I'd love to say 20 but starting small)
08 October 2006 @ 10:48 am
I've seen a few recipes lately for drinks made in the crockpot so decided this morning to make my own version and keep it low points, not sure this will even be 1 point for whole pot(unless I eat the apple in it).

- 1 large apple sliced
- 2 cinnamon sticks(I broke into 4 pieces)
- few whole cloves(I used about 4)
- 3 tea bags (I used green tea but can use anything you like)
- cover with water

It's on high, most recipes said 3-4 hours. I was going to make spiced cider but I know if I do would drink it all and too many points. I bought cider at farm yesterday instead so only drink little at a time. Hopefully this comes out well, may not be strong but that's OK.

I need something today to make me happy and hydrated. Allergy meds drying me out and getting crampy (what I thought Wed was going to be TOM was a false alarm it seems) so need something yummy and body friendly.

It was either the tea or oatmeal, which I was craving but today I just don't seem to want anything solid. Might be PMS kicking in and being picky.
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Right. So, i was let go from my job about a month ago. This led to a profound lack of anything even remotly resembling a routine. Which led to many days of doing little more than lying in bed, watching TV, and eating. I was at my best when I got back from Pennsic. I looked great, felt great, and wanted to keep that. However, 3 days later, I got the axe.

So yesterday, i decided that I'd had enough. I've gained weight. My suits (which I need to interview) are fitting too snugly. I'd wanted more time to get in shape, and here I was with nothing but time. So after I met my birth mother for lunch, I headed to the gym. I did 50 minutes on the eliptical and called it a day. I wanted to start with some cardio.

Today, I am dressed and ready to go to the gym. I need to run some errands first, but I'm heading there afterwards, hell or high water. I feel so much better about myself. Confidence becomes me - and helps in inerviews.

Look out world, I'm back.
18 September 2006 @ 10:49 am
I packed my stuff, and I'm going to workout at the gym for the first time tonight.

How do I not feel self-conscious and embarassed? Anyone have any tips?
14 September 2006 @ 02:42 pm
so, since finding out that the gym does payroll deduction for Bassett employees, and finding out how much it breaks down to, I joined the gym. It basically comes out to $7 a week. That means eating breakfast at home, or not buying coffee in teh cafeteria. I can manage that. It's also rained so much that I haven't been able to walk in about two weeks. This will be good for me, I think. Just need to stick with it. I have orientation tonight to learn how to use the machines and how the fitness room works.
21 August 2006 @ 12:31 pm
Hey, all!

So I'm back. I didn't exercise while I was gone. Well, that's not entirely true. I was very proud of myself on Friday (8/11). I woke up, did laps up and down the big hill to the "Swamp," came back to my camp, did some ab work, and was done for th day. That was all that I did, though.

However, [Bad username: dizzy150"] and I went out a few nights and danced our little butts off. Add to that the walking (oh dear god the WALKING) all over the place, from the merchants tot he battlefield, and I think I pretty much broke even.

This morning, i did not even try to get up and go to the gym. I'm not ready to start the routine yet, and I know that. I'm OK with it, for some reason. I don't feel like a slacker, I feel like someone who needs to re-adjust to life in the real world. Maybe I'll get there tomorrow. Maybe it will be Wednesday. I'm not going to start pressuring myself until Thursday.

Anyway, that's my story.
21 August 2006 @ 10:36 am
I'm still working out quite a bit, even if I can't eat normally right now. I clocked with the Jeep on Saturday morning, my little route I've been walking at night, and the one spot I thought was a mile, was indeed a mile. The other spot was 1/10 under two miles. I learned that I walk 4mph. (since I was walking out for a half hour then back.)

My entire body is sore from working at the studio all weekend. Lot of heavy lifting to get everything ready. They cleaned the place up at the end of last semester, but that doesn't mean anything was where it should be, and there was a ton of stuff that I still needed to do. So I think I got some pretty good workout over the weekend.

Kerri had some info that her work might be doing something with the gym here in Cooperstown to payroll deduct membership, so she asked if I'd be interested in going together. I checked at the gym and they do have payroll deduction over a year for the fees for Bassett emoployees, and it's such a small amount when spread over a year, that I can actually afford it. The gym is where the Bassett employees park, so I have to go there to get to my car every night. I don't think that it would mess with my schedule that much, and it would be very beneficial. So, I'm gonna do it, even if things don't work out for Kerri. But it would be *so* much better to have someone to go with and we would be able to keep each other on track.
18 August 2006 @ 03:37 pm
well, last week I fell off the exercise bandwagon so hard I think I bruised my butt when I landed! But, I am doing better this week, so yay. I've only managed to do cardio a couple of times this week, but one of those times was this morning, when I went and walked 3+ miles on the track at school with one of my band parents. I've also been pretty good about doing my weight-training and ab workouts this week (140+ crunches of various types last night alone) so I'm feeling good about that too. Hoping to join a gym soon so yourhermione and I can go work out together :)
Also, am back to doing better about not eating when I'm not hungry. (Last week totally threw me for a loop because my schedule was SO different from what I'm used to - did a workshop at school, so was at school from 9:30am until 2:45pm, then a break for dinner, and back at school before 4:30pm and there until 8:30 or 9:00pm. Just a weird schedule all around but the workshop is done so back to normal, as such)
15 August 2006 @ 07:05 pm
I decided to dust of the grill at my parents and use it for a few days. My dad wanted the George Forman grill (the tall one for outside) and it's been sitting in the garage since last summer. Was kinda gross too but was cleaned off and put to good use. Basically my rule for the last 5 days has been if I can grill it I can eat it for dinner. Luckily this has applied mostly to veggies, with exception of a very yummy tuna steak Sunday evening and burger this evening. I'm going to miss it when I go back home tomorrow, I have a little George at home but it's not the same thing!! Guess it will have to do, I like the grilled veggies....

I think the weather last week helped BIG time, body was able to adjust and get back on track a little. Today the humidity sucks and I already want another shower before I go to bed(and will need one when I'm finished cleaning the puppy who's been playing outdoors TOO much!!) but overall feeling much better. As of Monday lost 5 lbs, so happy about that and hoping lbs keep coming off. I should be able to, especially not being at faire until end of the month. Whether I eat there or not, drinking or not I've found over the past few years that if I am there more than 1-2 weekends in a row my body gets thrown way off. Luckily this year it seems to be recovering faster but the whole getting healthy thing is one of the main reasons I needed to take a break this year from the whole faire season of running back and forth. There are other reasons as well but in general I think all the reasons connected back to health, lol some were just my mental health!!

Now I need to get back to the gym, somehow being at my parents I got sidetracked and only went 2x this past week.
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I've already been motivated to get back in shape, mostly for health reasons but also to lose inches so I feel better myself. Mentally I'm at a place this will work, hoping my body will follow (needs a kick in the ass to get on track with my mind however). Was working with school in mind for first goal, get back in habit of gym and better eating before school starts. What I really need to do is remake body image overall, and this is for me not anyone else so I guess it means more. This past week the weather has helped wonders. I could live very happily and healthy if it stayed this way :) Not going to faire this weekend has been a very good thing, yes I'll miss a few people but otherwise I'm not stressed out at all and mentally relaxed more than I ever was last weekend!! I was burned out....and last weekend proved I was right in taking a break from working. Physically faire is NOT healthy for me at this point in time, unless it's in small doses.

So whatever happened, I'm glad that mentally I'm motivated to really get back in shape and healthy again. I know it's going to take awhile and OK with that.

I wish I had the $$ to keep up with pedicures because those always make me feel better :) For now going to wait, get one before school starts then maybe talk my mom into getting me a gift certificate for new salon I found and like for my B-day. I'm in process of doing something different with my hair, just not sure what until bangs grow out. It will be cut again before school. I was thinking of color, but realize what I"m really looking for is highlights. I tried one product, (LOreal Color Pulse)but it did nothing except make my hair smell nice & soft for few days. I picked up a Shampoo yesterday at Nature store so will see if that does anything. The one color on sale was the one I wanted, the brand is supposed to be a good one and at worst I paid $5.60 for new shampoo. After 2 months of problems, I also finally discovered that Aveeno shave cream and paying extra for Venus razor makes my legs and other areas very happy!! There is something comforting about smooth legs in a favorite pair of shorts, now to get some color on those legs!!

I was a good girl shopping yesterday. $12 for 4 big bags of produce, the most expensive thing was 3.80 for bag of cherries (but they are a very good batch so I can live with that). This place called M&M farms is cheapest place for most fruits/veggies and I stoppped there yesterday. Picked up a huge eggplant for .79(OK 2 of them), zucchini, salad makings, fresh ginger, prunes (the fruit, not dried), nectarines, and they had prickly pear fruit 3/$1.00 so I picked up a few to try. I cut up the eggplant and grilled it for dinner last night, along with red pepper. Very yummy :) One of the stores, Wild Oats Market, I stopped at on the way home had some interesting stuff too but I mostly just looked and didn't buy. I was considering making burgers, but wanted to make sure grill was working first before I picked up any meat. They had ground bison for $6 something a pound, I considered buying that instead of beef because it's supposed to be healthier.

OH -and now I have extra motivation. I just received an invite to wedding in October, for a good friend from college. I'm really happy for her, lol and glad she made it Columbus day weekend because then I can go and enjoy the wedding without worrying about rushing home for school Monday. I'm not crazy enough to think I can lose any great amounts of weight by then, but I CAN look good and be healthier and be able to have a good time there!!
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